Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1949-1940


David W. Armstrong
New York, New York
Executive Director, Boys Clubs of America

Sheldon Clark
Chicago, Illinois
Business Executive; National Sea Scout Commodore

Richard J. Cushing
Boston, Massachusetts
Archbishop of Boston; Lecturer; Author; Civic Leader; Head of All Youth Work of Catholic Church in USA

W. V. M. Fawcett
Boston, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Charles R. Hook
Middletown, Ohio
Industrialist; Advocate of Junior Achievement; Scouter

Luther A. Weigle
New Haven, Connecticut
Educator; Dean; Bible Scholar; Pioneer Scouter


Irving Berlin
New York, New York
Composer of “God Bless America”

Belmore Browne
Ross, California
Artist; Explorer; Cold-Weather Camping Expert

Cherry Logan Emerson
Atlanta, Georgia
Engineer; Educator; Servant of Youth

Reuhen Brooks Hale
San Francisco, California
Merchant; Civic Leader; Advocate of Senior Scouting

Robert F. Payne
New York, New York
Educator; Author; Longtime Scouter

Lord Rowallan
Ayrshire, Scotland
Chief Scout of British Commonwealth and Empire

Wade Warren Thayer
Honolulu, Hawaii
Attorney; Author; Exponent of Hawaiian Scouting


Bernard M. Baruch
Camden, South Carolina
Economist; Philanthropist; Patriot

Manuel Camus
Manila, Philippines
Statesman; Jurist; President, Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Cleveland E. Dodge
New York, New York
Financier; Philanthropist; Chairman, International Board of the YMCA

Perrin C. Galpin
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter; Child-Health Advocate

William H. Pouch
New York, New York
Industrialist; Longtime Scouter; Civic Leader

Paul A. Siple
Arlington, Virginia
Geographer; Explorer; Author; Member, First Byrd Antarctic Expedition

Francis Cardinal Spellman
New York, New York
Archbishop of New York; Author; Patriot

R. Douglas Stuart
Chicago, Illinois
Manufacturer; Pioneer Scouter; Friend to Youth


John M. Bierer
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Longtime Scouter

William J. Campbell
Chicago, Illinois
Jurist; Promoter of Scouting for Catholic Boys

Walter E. Disney
Beverly Hills, California
Cinema Executive; Creator of Mickey Mouse

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Denison, Texas
General of the Army; Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe

Raymond F. Low
Omaha, Nebraska
Business Executive; Scouter; Sea Scouting Enthusiast

Wheeler McMillen
Trenton, New Jersey
Journalist; Editor; Advocate for Rural Scouting

Chester William Nimitz
Fredericksburg, Texas
Chief of Naval Operations; U.S. Signator to Japanese Surrender Treaty

Vilhjalmur Stefansson
New York, New York
Arctic Explorer; Author; Scouter

Frank L. Weil
New York, New York
Lawyer; Scouter; Cofounder, United Service Organizations


Francis W. Hatch
Boston, Massachusetts
Publicist; Scouter; Chairman, Boys’ Life Committee

Amory Houghton
Corning, New York
Manufacturer; Vice President, Boy Scouts of America

Paul W. Litchfeld
Akron, Ohio
Industrialist; Developed First Air Scout Squadron

Earl C. Sams
New York, New York
Merchant; Philanthropist; Chairman, Business Division Committee


Oscar H. Benson
Seven Stars, Pennsylvania
Educator; Founder of the 4-H Clubs

Charles Evans Hughes
Glens Falls, New York
Jurist; Statesman; Diplomat; Champion of Youth

Elbridge W. Palmer
Kingsport, Tennessee
Publisher; Advocate for Youth With Special Needs, Racial Harmony, and Scouting

William C. Menninger
Topeka, Kansas
Neuropsychiatrist; Enthusiastic Scouter

Philip L. Reed
Chicago, Illinois
Business Executive; Scouter; Member, Advisory Council

Edward Vernon Rickenbacker
New York, New York
Aviation Pioneer; Executive; Wartime Ace of Aces; Scouter

Lord Somers
London, England
Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire

Thomas J. Watson
New York, New York
Business Executive; Philanthropist


J. Edgar Hoover
Washington, D.C.
Lawyer; Criminologist; Director of the FBI

Harry C. Knight
New Haven, Connecticut
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

John M. Schiff
New York, New York
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

William L. Smith
Louisville, Kentucky
Surgeon; Public Servant; Author; Scouter

Frank W. Wozencraft
Dallas, Texas
Businessman; Lawyer; Statesman; Scouter


Frank O. Lowden
Oregon, Illinois
Farmer; Lawyer; Statesman; Philanthropist; Scouter

Ragnvald Anderson Nestos
Minot, North Dakota
Lawyer; Statesman; Churchman; Pioneer in Rural Scouting

Frank Phillips
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Banker; Philanthropist; Enthusiast for Scouting

Bernard J. Sheil
Chicago, Illinois
Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago; Founder of CYO; Scouter

William Clay Smoot
Bartlesville, Oklahoma Banker; Outdoorsman; Worker for Rural Youth


C. Ward Crampton
New York, New York
Scientist; Author; Physical Fitness Advocate

Homer Folks
New York, New York
Social Welfare Statesman

Edgar Rickard
Darien, Connecticut
Mining Engineer; Humanitarian; Friend to Scouting

J. E. H. Stevenot
Manila, Philippines
Creator of Modern Philippine Scout Organization

Daniel A. Poling
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Clergyman; Editor; Scouter


Edward Roberts Moore
New York, New York
Catholic Clergyman; Youth Worker, Scouter

George W. Truett
Dallas, Texas
Clergyman; World Youth Leader; Scouter

Eugene D. Nims
St. Louis, Missouri
Philanthropist; Longtime Scouter