Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1929-1926


Calvin Coolidge
Plymouth, Vermont
Thirtieth President, United States of America

Richard E. Byrd
Winchester, Virginia
Commander, U.S. Navy; Antarctic Explorer

Wilbert E. Longfellow
Washington, D.C.
Water-Safety Promoter, American Red Cross

John H. Finley
New York, New York
Educator; Founder of Junior American Red Cross

Howard F. Gillette
Chicago, Illinois
Banker; Promoter of Sea Scouting

Charles D. Hart
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Physician; Promoter of Troop Camping

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
Scouting Enthusiast


The Unknown Soldier

Charles A. Lindbergh
Hopewell, New Jersey
Aviator; Transatlantic Pioneer

W. de Bonstetten
Kandersteg, Switzerland
President, Swiss Federation of Boy Scouts

Arthur N. Cotton
Buffalo, New York
Promoter of High-Y Clubs

Clarence H. Howard
St. Louis, Missouri
Philanthropist; Founder of Junior Chamber of Commerce

Charles D. Velie
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Philanthropist; Promoter of Scouting for Rural Boys

William H. Cowles
Spokane, Washington
Publisher; First Chairman, Region 11 Committee


William Howard Taft
Washington, D.C.
Chief Justice of the United States; First Honorary President, Boy Scouts of America

Hubert S. Martin, CBE
London, England
Director, Boy Scouts International Bureau

William Adams Welch
Washington, D.C.
National and State Parks Commissioner

Stuart W. French
Pasadena, California
Business Executive; Organizer of Region 12

Bolton Smith
Memphis, Tennessee
Banker; Promoter of Interracial Understanding

Walter W. Head
Omaha, Nebraska
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

Brother Barnabas, FSC
New York, New York
Educator; Director, Catholic Bureau, Boy Scouts of America


Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell
Gilwell Park, England
Chief Scout of the World

The Unknown Scout
Boy Scout

William D. Boyce
Chicago, Illinois
Publisher; Incorporator of Boy Scouts of America

Colin H. Livingstone*
Washington, D.C.

James J. Storrow (Posthumous Award)
Boston, Massachusetts
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

Daniel Carter Beard*
Suffern, New York
National Scout Commissioner

Ernest Thompson Seton
New York, New York
Chief Scout

Edgar M. Robinson*
Washington, D.C.
Co-organizer of the Boy Scouts of America

Lee F. Hanmer
New York, New York
Co-organizer of the Boy Scouts of America

George W. Wingate
New York, New York
Advocate of Organized Outdoor Recreation

Joseph Lee
Boston, Massachusetts
Advocate of Playground and Outdoor Recreation

Howard S. Braucher
New York, New York
Chairman, Committee on Organization, Boy Scouts of America

Mortimer L. Schiff*
New York, New York
Philanthropist; President, Boy Scouts of America

Milton A. McRae*
Detroit, Michigan
Publisher; President, Boy Scouts of America

Frank Presbrey*
New York, New York
Advertising Man; Developer of Boys’ Life Magazine

George D. Pratt*
New York, New York
Treasurer, Boy Scouts of America

John Sherman Hoyt*
Darien, Connecticut
Manufacturer; Chairman, Finance Committee, Boy Scouts of America

Jeremiah W. Jenks*
New York, New York
Educator; Formulator of Scout Oath and Law

William D. Murray*
Plainfield, New Jersey
Lawyer; Chairman, Editorial Board, Boy Scouts of America

G. Barrett Rich*
New York, New York
Chairman, National Committee of Badges, Awards, and Scout Requirements

James E. West*
Lawyer; Chief Scout Executive

George J. Fisher
New York, New York
Physician; Deputy Chief Scout Executive