Larry Cunningham

Larry Cunningham

Amarillo, Texas

Venturing Pioneer, Dynamic Trainer, Longtime Scouter

Although he didn’t have the chance to be a Scout as a youth, Larry Cunningham has participated in every level of Scouting as an adult, serving in numerous roles in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Exploring, and Venturing.

Mr. Cunningham has made his most noteworthy contribution to Scouting through Venturing. In 1998, he and three other national Exploring Committee members helped design the new Venturing program. Soon after, he gave leadership in the development of the Powder Horn resource management course for the high-adventure program.

Mr. Cunningham has been an active trainer for more than three decades. In Scouting, he has served as a Wood Badge course director, a Project COPE director, and a 10-year faculty member at the Philmont Training Center. In other arenas, he has taught courses in hunter safety, scuba, boater safety, and wilderness first aid. He currently serves as chair of the national Awards and Scholarship Task Force.

For his contributions to Scouting, Mr. Cunningham has received the District Award of Merit, the William H. Spurgeon III Award, the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope awards, the National Exploring Leadership Award, and the National Venturing Leadership Award. Donna Cunningham—his partner in Scouting as well as in marriage—has received the same awards, as well as the Silver Buffalo.

As president of Eat-Rite Health Promotion Center, Mr. Cunningham has helped promote good health in the Panhandle of Texas for over 35 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Texas A&M University and a doctorate in naturopathy from Clayton College in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mr. Cunningham and his wife have two sons—both Eagle Scouts—and seven grandchildren.