Important JTE Dashboard Announcement

The Journey to Excellence council dashboard was due to be updated with 2013 data on February 8th.  However, the 2013 results are not yet available, and we, apologize for the delay. There is a significant project underway that includes a new data management system, and this project has a major impact on JTE. The council dashboard is expected to go live with 2013 data by the end of the first quarter. Although we had not planned to have a delay, we believe that one earlier in the year rather than later will be less disruptive to local council operations.

Please note that the council dashboard displaying 2012 results will continue to be available, and Regional Operations will continue to provide reports to local councils on unit visitation tracking and advancement.

Lastly, we are excited to share with you that work continues on the development and launch of a JTE district dashboard later in the year.