Finding an Advisor

Your Hornaday advisor should be someone who has significant expertise in the area you have chosen for your project(s).

Several sources exist where you might find a good advisor for your Hornaday project(s).   

Begin with any fellow Scouts who may have earned a Hornaday Award and ask them if you can contact their advisor.  If the advisor does not wish to participate, query the advisor as to whether they might know of another qualified person who would be willing to help you.

Here’s a partial list of organizations you could approach to find an advisor:  The National Audubon Society, the Izaak Walton League, the National Wildlife Federation, or governmental agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, USDA Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, state natural resource conservation agencies, and your state cooperative extension service.

State environmental agencies are another good source for finding an advisor. 

In addition, there may be local clubs or organizations devoted to the environment that have members willing to help you.

Finding a good Hornaday advisor will require some research and  networking effort on your part.  Ask your parents and Scoutmaster to aid you in your search.
This website contains guidelines for individuals wishing to be advisors but who have never served in that role.