Venturing Leadership Award


To recognize Venturers and adult Venturing leaders who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code and Venturing Oath

Who Can Earn This Award?

Councils may present two awards for youth members and two for adult leaders per year for up to 50 crews, and one additional youth and one additional adult recognition per year for each fraction of 25 crews above 50

How To Get the Award

Return completed nomination forms to council office, based on locally set time table

Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement

Medallion suspended from blue and white ribbon, No. 4220; worn around the neck with uniform on formal occasions; knot, No. 14220; certificate, No. 33662

Supply/BIN Item Number

Medallion with ribbon, No. 4220; knot, No. 14220; certificate, No. 33662