Kayaking BSA Award Requirements


  1. Before fulfilling the following requirements, successfully complete the BSA swimmer test.
  2. Do the following:
    • Describe various types of kayaks and how they differ in design, materials, and purpose.
    • Name the parts of the kayak you are using for this exercise.
    • Demonstrate how to choose an appropriately sized kayak paddle and how to position your hands.
  3. Do the following:
    • Tell what precautions must be taken for a safe trip afloat.
    • Demonstrate how to select and properly fit a PFD.
    • Explain the importance of safety equipment such as PFDs, air bags, grab loops, and helmets.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to aid yourself and others in the event of a capsize:
    • Capsize your kayak in water at least seven feet deep, perform a wet exit if necessary, and swim the boat to shore.
    • With assistance, if needed, ready the capsized craft for use.
    • Show how to approach a capsized paddler in your kayak and tow him to shore.
    • While upright in your kayak, right a capsized kayak, empty it of water, and assist the paddler aboard without returning to shore.
  5. As a solo paddler, demonstrate the following:
    • Entering and launching a kayak from shore or dock
    • Landing or docking and exiting a kayak
    • Forward stroke
    • Sweep stroke
    • Reverse sweep
    • Draw stroke
    • Rudder stroke
    • Back stroke
  6. As a solo paddler, do the following:
    • Paddle forward in a reasonably straight line.
    • Move the kayak sideways to the right and to the left.
    • Pivot 360 degrees to the right and left.
    • Stop the kayak.