Distinguished Commissioner Service Award


For commissioners who have earned the Arrowhead Honor and Commissioners Key, served five years of continuous service, and completed a project for their council; this award also emphasizes unit service.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Earned by all commissioners.

How To Get the Award

Awards usually are purchased by councils and presented to commissioners.

Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement

Distinguished Service Award plaque, 6″ by 8″; Distinguished Service Award bolo ties; Distinguished Service Award knot, silver on red background.

Supply/BIN Item Number

For council commissioner and assistant council commissioner: silver plaque, No. 17610; bolo tie, No. 747; for district commissioner, assistant district commissioner, and roundtable commissioner: gold plaque, No. 17609; bolo tie, No. 748; for unit commissioner: bronze plaque, No.17608; bolo tie, No. 749; silver knot on red background, No. 5019

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