Our Commitment to be Part of a Broader Solution​

The BSA strongly supports the following efforts to help keep children safe nationwide, including:

National Volunteer Screening Database for All Youth-Serving Organizations

We advocate for the development and utilization of a national database that all youth-serving organizations – including schools, athletic clubs, faith-based youth groups, and Scouting – should contribute to and utilize to screen volunteers so that people removed from any one institution cannot join another one down the street, in a different state, or across the country. Individuals who should not work with youth don’t always have a criminal background and therefore could pass a criminal background check. 

A shared Volunteer Screening Database would enable organizations to add individuals to the database who have been removed from their program for alleged inappropriate conduct – even if the individuals have not been arrested or convicted – to prevent potential abusers from joining a different organization.

CDC Guidelines for All Youth-Serving Organizations

We advocate for funding of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s study to update guidelines that organizations should consider when determining how to keep children safe in their programs.

Strengthening Mandatory Reporting Laws

We support legislation that will strengthen mandatory reporting requirements for organizations and other trusted adults that serve youth.

Requiring that Sex Offenders Serve Full Sentences

We support efforts to ensure that anyone who commits sexual abuse is held accountable. Accordingly, we support the elimination of criminal statutes of limitations for sexual abuse. We also believe it is imperative that convicted abusers serve their full criminal sentences and comply with any post-release requirements to protect children and reduce recidivism.