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Lead to Program Improvement Board Members Must Agree Unanimously on Decisions to Approve After the Review Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond the 18th Birthday Initiating Eagle Scout Board of Review[…]

Advancement and Awards

Eagle Palms are the official requirements of the Boy Scouts of America. Age Requirement Eligibility Rank Advancement for Venturers and Sea Scouts Scout Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Tenderfoot Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Second Class Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 First Class Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks Alternative Requirements[…]

Mechanics of Advancement in Scouts BSA

demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan and then introduces the Scout to basic troop operations and safety concerns. Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks are oriented toward learning and practicing skills that will help Scouts develop confidence and fitness, challenge their thought processes, introduce them[…]

Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks Alternative Requirements

to last more than two years or beyond the 18th birthday) and is unable to complete all of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class rank may, with his parents or guardian, submit a request to the council advancement committee to complete alternative requirements. Below are the procedures for applying for alternative requirements.[…]

Responsibilities Of The Outdoor Ethics Guide

THE OUTDOOR ETHICS GUIDE PERFORMS SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:  Trains others: Explains to Scouts the relevant requirements for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. Demonstrates how to practice the Outdoor Code, and the Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! principles to meet advancement requirements. Provides leadership: Helps the troop plan and[…]