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suggested corrections to this publication, or for questions that cannot be handled locally, send a message to, or mail them to pilots and program development department, s272, boy scouts of america, 1325 west walnut hill lane, p.o. box 152079, irving, texas 75015-2079. suggestions for new merit badges, or suggested updates to existing ones, should[…]


Section 1. Introduction How to Approach Issues Not Covered in the Guide to Advancement Questions and Suggestions Significant Changes Frequently Asked Questions General Cub Scouting Scouts BSA The Eagle Scout Rank Venturing Special Needs Scouting Section 2. Advancement Defined It Is a Method—Not an

Mechanics of Advancement in Cub Scouting

Packs should meet monthly to assure timely recognition of the Cub Scouts’ accomplishments. The Role of the Pack Committee Den leaders, Cubmasters, and their assistants stimulate interest in advancement and present the program where it occurs. The responsibility for Cub Scout advancement administration, however, belongs to a pack committee (“Unit Advancement Responsibilities,” The[…]

Start a Crew

want? organizing a venturing crew is easy to do! just follow these steps: step 1- get your minimums a crew needs at least 5 youth members that have common interests. 3 must be primarily registered in the new crew, however 2 may be multiplied from another unit. there must also be 4 adult members willing to fill the following[…]