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Life Jackets / Personal Flotation Devices

water—when a swimmer treading water cannot see their feet—over 8 feet deep, or flowing water. safe swim defense standards apply at all bsa swim activities, including: backyard, hotel, apartment, and public pools; established waterfront swim areas such as beaches at state parks and army corps of engineers lakes; and all temporary swimming areas such as[…]

Training Updates

Badge & NYLT Syllabus updates My.Scouting Tools Scouts BSA Training Activities Webinars/livestreams/VILT REGISTER: 2020 NATIONAL VOLUNTEER TRAINING CONFERENCE For your convenience, below is info for a non-casino hotel near the BSA office. Of course, the Strip is not far away, and there are many more choices there. Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Airport[…]

Social Media

area 3 facebook group facebook page instagram area 4 facebook page twitter instagram area 5 facebook page instagram twitter area 6 facebook group facebook page instagram area 7 facebook group instagram area 8 facebook page instagram area 9 facebook page instagram central region area 1 facebook group twitter president’s twitter area 2 facebook group area[…]

The Location of This Cub Scout Pack Overnight Might Surprise You

Ask any Cubmaster or Scouting volunteer: keeping tech-loving, dynamic kids engaged is a challenge! But the rewards are tenfold when you nail down a creative, authentic adventure for children. While Cub Scouts get to experience these kinds of kid-approved activities regularly, sometimes a standout event leaves a BIG impression on Scouts. One pack overnight brought Scouts

Learn About Scouts BSA

SCOUTS BSA Youth 11-17 years old Ready to Join? Find Scouts BSA near you What is Scouts BSA? Scouts BSA is a year-round program for youth 11-17 years old that provides fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and responsibility to help them become the best version of themselves. For the first time in its