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This Scout Dad’s Use for Old Pinewood Derby Cars Will Make You Want to Get Crafty

Love the Scouting memories but need a new use for those fewer-than-five-ounces blocks on wheels? Neil Fern, father to two Scouts, is here to save the seasoned Pinewood Derby parent's day. Hear from Neil below and check out his step-by-step how-to guide at the bottom of this post. Do you have a box full of

Sea Scouts

SEA SCOUTS Co-Ed 14-20 years old SEA SCOUTS For over 100 years Sea Scouting has promoted better citizenship and improved members’ boating skills through instruction and practice in water safety, boating skills, outdoor, social, service experiences, and knowledge of our maritime heritage. LEARN MORE

Empowering Teams

TOOLS & RESOURCES EMPOWERING TEAMS Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team LEADING AND MASTERING CONVERSATIONS Conversations with your team matter. How you talk to people, when and if you do, set a tone for your leadership style and effective. ScoutingU’s Team Leader Steve Yackel presents the topic of “Leading with

Enabling Trust

TOOLS & RESOURCES ENABLING TRUST What leaders fail to realize is the power behind being perceived as having high integrity and being trustworthy. These perceptions truly do impact business results. Yet, often our behavior as leaders drives just the opposite. Trusted leaders get many rewards: engaged employees, retention of top talent, positive work culture, and—most


Section 1. Introduction How to Approach Issues Not Covered in the Guide to Advancement Questions and Suggestions Significant Changes Frequently Asked Questions General Cub Scouting Scouts BSA The Eagle Scout Rank Venturing Special Needs Scouting Section 2. Advancement Defined It Is a Method—Not an

Social Media

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