Statement of Understanding

All applicants (youth, leaders, and staff) are selected to represent the Boy Scouts of America based on their qualifications in character, camping skills, physical and personal fitness, and leadership qualities. Therefore, all applicants and their parents/guardians are asked to read the Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct as a condition of participation. It is with the further understanding that serious misconduct or infraction of rules and regulations may result in expulsion, at the applicant’s expense, from the jamboree. Ultimately, we want each applicant to be responsible for his or her own behavior, and only when necessary, will the procedure be invoked to send an applicant home from the jamboree.

I agree to live by the Scout Oath and Law and to obey and cooperate with the jamboree leadership.

I agree to meet my full responsibilities as a member of the 2015 World Scout Jamboree contingent and to wear the official jamboree uniform when appropriate.

I certify that I have now, or will have by July 1, 2015, attained the Boy Scout qualifications as listed in this application and required by all applicants.

I further agree to submit evidence of fitness to make this trip on the official health form signed by a licensed health-care practitioner; also that I will obtain required immunizations.

This application includes my request for personal accident insurance to be purchased on my behalf. The cost of this insurance is included in the jamboree fee. It is understood that payment of claims by the insurance company is contingent upon prompt reporting of claims, if any, by the applicant or parent/guardian.

I understand that the jamboree may be covered by news media and moviemaking and broadcasting companies, and I hereby consent to the use of my voice and/or photograph  in the news coverage, moviemaking, or similar projects approved by the Boy Scouts of America without compensation, and I further agree to release and hold the Boy Scouts of America harmless from any and all claims and liability with regard to such use.

In consideration of the benefits to be derived from participation in the 2015 World Scout Jamboree, any and all claims against the Boy Scouts of America or its local council, the United States of America, or any of the officers, employees, agents, or other representatives of any of them, or any other persons working under their direction or engaged in the conduct of their affairs, arising out of any accident, illness, injury, damage or other loss or harm to or incurred or suffered by the applicant named above or to his property, in connection with or incidental to the 2015 World Scout Jamboree, including travel, are hereby expressly waived by the applicant or parent/guardian.