World Scout Jamboree 2012 - Adult Attendee Information

As an adult leader among the BSA contingent, you can be an essential part of one of the most exciting and significant Scouting events you’ll ever attend.

The upcoming World Scout Jamboree in Kirara-hama, Japan, promises to be one of the best ever. With 30,000 Scouts expected to attend from six continents and 161 countries, it’s going to be a world-class event, one you can be a part of if you start planning now.

At Kirara-hama, you will get to live and learn with fellow Scouts and leaders from around the world. You’ll be housed in tents along with the BSA contingent, but you’ll soon venture out to mingle with tens of thousands for two weeks of activities and adventure. That’s right, a world fellowship exercise on an enormous scale!

As a leader you are invited to come to Japan and be a part of the world brotherhood of Scouting. Meet other Scouting leaders, encourage the Scouts to learn new skills and share your knowledge and experiences that will contribute to greater international understanding and at the same time do what Scouts of all ages love best.

To apply you must agree to the mandatory terms regarding Payment Schedule, Statement of Understanding, and Code of Conduct, and Medical Requirements.