Atikokan, ON Base

The following is a list of required paperwork, a selection of optional trip choices, and a wide variety of useful information. Please read very carefully.

Step 1: Financial Planning

Step 2: Permitting and Border Crossing

Step 3: Canoe Rentals

Standard outfitting at Northern Tier includes aluminum canoes (75 pounds). For an additional fee of $30 per canoe per day, Kevlar canoes (less than 50 pounds) can be rented.

  • Lite-Weight Canoe reservations are handled through the online registration system.
    You may submit a request online or contact Northern Tier directly. or 218.365.4811

Step 4: Preparing for Northern Tier

Step 5: Required Documents:

The following documents must be absolutely complete upon arrival on base:

  • Health and Medical Record – Every participant must have an up-to-date "Health and Medical Record." They must meet all health restrictions to be permitted to go on trail. Any food allergies or dietary restrictions must be communicated to Northern Tier at least 45 days prior to arrival (218-365-4811).
  • Tour and Activity Plan – All Crew must have a Tour and Activity Plan completed and submitted online at This is a key document in planning your trip. Please print off a copy of what you have submitted online and bring it with you at check in.
  • Swim Classification Form – Leaders and participants must complete a swim test prior to arrival at a Northern Tier base. Each leader and participant must be rated a "Swimmer" using the BSA swim text.
  • Crew Roster  – Should be submitted prior to arrival
  • Wilderness First-Aid Training – At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of BSA approved Wilderness First Aid training. Minimum WFA course length is 16-hours.
  • CPR Training – At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of CPR Training
  • BSA E-certifications – At least one adult advisor must have proof of training (completion certificates) in each of the following BSA e-certifications: Weather Hazards, Safety Afloat, and Safe Swim Defense.All Adult Advisors must have proof of training in Youth Protection.
  • Fishing Licenses – If your crew wants to fish you will need to purchase the appropriate license.

Step 6: Trip Planning Resources:



About Northern Tier

Come to Northern Tier for a whole new level of adventure, up north! From incredible canoe journeys to wild winter wilderness camping, Northern Tier promises the Scouting adventure of a lifetime in the Great North Woods of northern Minnesota and Canada.