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January 2012, Vol. 5, No. 1

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W. R. Case Introduces Limited Eagle Scout® Centennial Pocketknife Set

W. R. Case Introduces Limited Eagle Scout Centennial Pocketknife Set

This set salutes the upcoming anniversary of 100 years of Eagle Scouts and includes a Case Large Swell Center folding knife (61050 SS). The pocketknife has a serialized, stainless steel blade, Peach Seed jigged dark red bone handles, engraved bolsters, and a special Eagle Scout® Shield. A soaring eagle and the Eagle Scout® medal are included, along with the "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle" motto which also appears on the knife blade. The set comes with a Case Collectable Medallion and a Certificate of Authenticity from Case. Each knife measures 5" 3/8 when closed and weighs 5.8 oz. Additionally, every knife has been individually serialized on the blade. Total production of the Case® Eagle Scout® Centennial Pocketknife collectible set has been limited to 250. You may visit: for more information.

It Takes Two to Introduce New Stationery Products

It Takes Two to Introduce New Stationery Products

It Takes Two introduces new stationery items such as greeting cards and bookmarks. Among the new introduction is a "Congratulations Eagle Scout"

(5" x 7") greeting card that says, "This rare achievement is an honorable reflection of your courage, hard work, loyalty, service, and leadership" on the outsider of the card. The insider reads, "May you always soar like an eagle. Congratulations." It Takes Two has also made available a variety of bookmarks. Each measure 2.5" x 7.75" and are encased in vinyl and tied with a colorful tassel.

The items can be purchased in specialty gift shops. Or you may visit

Northwest Territorial Mint Presents the 2012 Boy Scouts of America® Scout Oath Calendar Medal

Northwest Territorial Mint Presents the 2012 Boy Scouts of America® Scout Oath Calendar Medal

Now available through Northwest Territorial Mint at is the 2012 Scout Oath Calendar Medal, struck in solid bronze with an antique patina. This medal pays tribute to the centuries-old tradition of calendar coins while recognizing the proud service and dedication of members of the Boy Scouts of America.

An official BSA licensee, Northwest Territorial Mint has recreated the three-finger Scout Sign over the Scout Oath, with the 2012 calendar on the reverse.

All products are minted in the United States. For more information on Northwest Territorial Mint, its products, and where to purchase them, please visit

Latest Licensees

The BSA is pleased to announce the following new licensees below. For a complete listing of BSA licensees, please visit the official BSA Licensing website.

Krelman Company, LLC produces embroidered emblems & logos and pins.



Dremel To Launch Pinewood Derby® Days

Dremel To Launch Pinewood DerbyBeginning every other Saturday, from January 7, 2012 - February 18, 2012, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Dremel will launch its Pinewood Derby® Days programs at all participating Lowe's Home Improvement stores. Pinewood Derby enthusiasts will have the opportunity to learn how to shape their Pinewood Derby® racers with Dremel tools and accessories. Each Pinewood Derby® enthusiast will get a Pinewood Derby® Days patch (while supplies last)! Andrea Ash, VP of Marketing, Dremel, speaks to the Licensing Insider about Dremel's overall success!

BSA Licensing Insider: Tell us about your product line?

Ash: The Dremel brand is the creator of versatile tool systems that help people make their large or small projects a success. All of the tool systems we create have the attributes of compact size, versatility, precision and superior ergonomics. These attributes make our tools perfect for working in tight spaces, making one tool do many things, finishing the last detail and doing it all with a comfortable tool.

Most people know us as the creators of the high-speed rotary tool and for its incredible versatility and ability to take-on a multitude of applications and materials. We achieve this versatility using our many attachments and accessories. We call the combination of tool, attachments and accessories a tool system. The Dremel brand has now created other versatile tool systems such as the Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool system, Dremel Trio multi-purpose tool system and the Dremel Saw-Max system. All of these systems share the same attributes that made our rotary tool famous.

BSA Licensing Insider: Thinking about the end user of your products, can you describe your typical customer?

Ash: There is no typical Dremel customer. The universal appeal that Dremel products have with consumers is the result of the tools being enjoyed by a wide range of users. Men, women, DIYers, crafters, professionals, artists, industrial workers, hobbyists, and more. We run the gamut.

BSA Licensing Insider: Where can a consumer buy your products?

Ash: Dremel products are available at most hardware and home improvement centers nationwide, or you may visit

Derby Kit

BSA Licensing Insider: How has the Boy Scouts of America license helped you grow your business?

Ash: The Boy Scouts of America license has been a significant asset. The Dremel brand and Lowe's home improvement centers teamed-up to help introduce the joy of derby car racing in America to a wide audience. Because the parents of the racers were using Dremel products to help fashion their child's car it was an ideal situation for Lowe's and Dremel to work cooperatively. Having the Boy Scouts of America license lent new awareness and credibility to what we were doing. The Dremel brand was allowed to use the Pinewood Derby name in its marketing efforts and apply the BSA seal on product packaging. Now the parents of Scouts Pinewood Derby enthusiasts everywhere know the help they receive from Lowe's and the Dremel products they purchase will help them make the best Pinewood Derby car possible.

BSA Licensing Insider: In your opinion, what is the key to successful innovation in your business and industry?

Ash: Listening to your customer. It sounds simple and basic, but the level at which the Dremel brand does it is quite extensive. We feel the most valuable feedback we can receive is listening to what our users tell us and then implementing that feedback in the form of the services we provide and the products themselves. Businesses that try to invent products in a vacuum are most likely destined to fail.

BSA Licensing Insider: What new and exciting products do you have in the pipeline that you can share?

Ash: We'd love to share news about our latest versatile tool system, the Dremel Saw-Max. After extensive listening to our users, we found out that many people are intimidated by a full-size circular saw to make common cuts around the house. Many look at the 7 ¼" toothed blade and substantial size and weight of the circular saw and say no thanks. We invented the Dremel Saw-Max for people who don't need a full-size saw to do the job and for those who want an easy to use tool that makes cutting simple.

The Dremel Saw-Max is one third the size and weight of a circular saw yet it's powerful enough to cut through virtually any material and simple enough to be able to control with one hand. Its compact size and ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, easy to follow the cut line, and easy to store. The Dremel Saw-Max lets users cut with confidence because they know it will get the job done quickly and get it done right.

The Dremel Saw-Max is being received very well by consumers. So whether Saw-Max is the user's first introduction to the Dremel brand, or they are discovering Saw-Max as a long-time user of other Dremel products, the good feelings that consumers experience when using our tools are similar because the attributes of our tools are the same.

BSA Licensing Insider: What is the single most important ingredient in Dremel's culture that contributes to its overall success?

Ash: Going back to your previous question about the key to successful innovation, the ingredient in Dremel brand culture is listening to our customer. We believe in it so strongly that anyone visiting our website is provided the opportunity to share their product ideas with us. Those people with ideas that make it past a vetting process can actually receive monetary compensation for their ideas.


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