Doing Business with the Boy Scouts of America

To protect the name and values of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) as well as the many reputable companies already licensed with us, only companies that can exhibit a commitment to the BSA brand, have established production and distribution capabilities, and/or offer a new or unique product will be granted the opportunity to obtain a BSA license.  To help you better understand our licensing process, we've outlined the different opportunities available and what we require so that you may determine the best business model for your company.

These opportunities include:

  • Selling to Boy Scouts of America
  • Selling Wholesale to Commercial Markets
  • Selling Directly to All Local Councils
  • Selling Directly to Members and Units
  • Selling Directly to a Single Council

BSA is currently investigating international licensing opportunities.

A royalty waiver may be eligible when products are donated to a local council. Please complete the appropriate form and submit to BSA for review when making such a request.  Go here to download the form.