Outdoor Literature

Outdoor knowledge and skills are highlighted throughout Scouting literature. Publications that are most pertinent to Boy Scout outdoor activities include the following:

Boy Scout Handbook, No. 34554: Organized by the levels of rank advancement, the Boy Scout Handbook guides a Scout through levels of outdoor skills development leading to the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

Fieldbook, fourth edition, No. 33104: The Fieldbook is a comprehensive resource providing knowledge about nature and the elements, outdoor activities, and skills. It includes sections on leadership and trek preparation, Leaving No Trace, trek adventures, and appreciating our environment.

Aquatics Supervision, No. 34346: This leader's guide to youth swimming and boating activities is the primary resource for all aquatic activities at the unit level.

Passport to High Adventure, No. 34245: Designed to empower a unit to prepare for a council, national, or unit high-adventure experience, this guidebook contains information about trip planning, travel and budget, equipment, skills, trail procedures, and trek safety.

Guide to Awards and Insignia, No. 33066: The insignia guide presents detailed information to enable BSA members to wear the correct complete uniform on all suitable occasions. Find more information here.

Cub Scout Day Camp Administration Guide, No. 430-338: Councils have been operating Cub Scout day camp activities for a number of years. This book is designed to help your local council manage everything from how to get started to identifying themes and schedules.

Resident Camping for Cub Scouting, No. 13-33814: Before setting up any resident camping program, review your program resources, personnel, potential participants, and activity needs.

Nationally Approved Historic Trails: The Boy Scouts of America publishes a compendium of historic trails operated by Scout councils throughout the United States.

Okpik: Cold-Weather Camping, No. 34040: This book provides information on camping comfortably in cold weather by wearing proper clothing, eating nutritious food, and staying hydrated. Techniques for constructing a variety of snow shelters and traveling across the snow are also featured.

Knots and How To Tie Them, No. 33170: This booklet describes how to tie various knots, hitches, and lashings commonly used in outdoor activities.

Guide to Advancement, No. 33088: The Guide to Advancement is the official source for administering advancement in all BSA programs: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouts.