Unit PR

Unit PR Brochure

Use local public relations to ensure Scouting continues to grow in your community. This brochure will guide you in developing a simple, effective strategy to help tell your Scouting story to the communities you serve. Download it now to get started!

Unit PR PowerPoint

Making a presentation on the Unit PR concept? Use these slides as your guide.

Sample Council PR Guidebook

In taking it a step further by mapping out a strategy specifically for their council, the Pennsylvania Dutch Council created a council-wide instructional piece. It contains some great "tips" for those looking to engage in a deeper dive. Click here.

Press Release Template

Click here to view instructional materials on how to create effective press releases.

Talent Release Form

Use this form to obtain permission to use photographs or audio/video recordings of people (permission must be obtained from a parent or guardian for individuals under the age of 18). Click here.

News Release Guidelines