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Download the print-friendly version here.  This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of July 2015. Please refer to the online version for the most updated information.

2015 Updates


II. Aquatics Safety: The Safety Afloat section was updated to clarify Cub Scout participation in pack and den events.

VIII. Sports and Activities: The Climbing and Rappelling, and COPE Activities sections were each revised and expanded throughout.

XI. Transportation: Additions to this chapter include the future policy on using 15-passenger vans and guidelines on safe driving.


I. Youth Protection and Adult Leadership: The entire chapter was replaced with an updated version of Scouting's Barriers to Abuse.

V. Medical Information and First Aid: This chapter was simplified to be more in line with the Annual Health and Medical Record. Updates were made to the First Aid and CPR Training section.

Age-Appropriate Guidelines: The Aquatics section was updated throughout with new guidelines.


X. Insurance: The entire Insurance chapter was revised.

Age-Appropriate Guidelines: The Sports section was dropped from this insert.

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The BSA's Commitment to Safety