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Why Do a Unit Service Plan?

A Unit Service Plan enables commissioners to fulfill their mission to help units better serve more youth through Scouting. While that’s the simple answer, it’s not the complete answer. Find out about the other benefits of a Unit Service Plan. Read more

National Commissioner Minute

With the rollout of Commissioner Tools well underway, National Commissioner Tico Perez takes the opportunity to point out how this new technology was designed to make the role of unit commissioners easier and more rewarding. Read more

Recruitment and Retention

National Commissioner Service Chair

National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Larry Chase explains how using Commissioner Tools helps commissioners accomplish their objectives. Read more

A recent survey shows that millennials may be more committed to improving their local communities than generally thought. According to National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels, this generation is a prime pool of potential Scouting volunteers. Read more



Commissioner Tools isn’t the only recent change to commissioner service. Find out what’s in and what’s out with National Commissioner Service Resources Chair Darlene Sprague. Read more

National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree points out a number of updates to commissioner training. Among these are a new Commissioner College roundtable curriculum and updates to all of the Commissioner College courses. Read more

Underserved Markets


National Commissioner Service Underserved Markets Chair Joe Domino shares links from the BSA website that can help unit commissioners be better prepared to serve all markets. Read more

The 2015–2016 roundtable guides are being revised and will be released in the spring. National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Daniel B. Maxfield points out that the updates to the Cub Scouting program will result in big changes for Cub Scout roundtables. Read more

BSA News


Save the date for the National Outdoor Conference October 14–18. Read more

The rollout has begun for Commissioner Tools. National Commissioner Service Communications Chair Rick Hillenbrand describes the process and the significant differences between Commissioner Tools and UVTS. Read more

Regional Commissioners

Unit Commissioner Box Score

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here's a look at the latest Key Performance Indicators from December 2014. Read more

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