In an effort to improve our donor record management process and to replace PAS, the Boy Scouts of America is moving its donor record management system to Enterprise Constituent Records Management (ECRM) software developed by Blackbaud. This transition from PAS to ECRM will take place in 2012, beginning in late spring. The project is entering its design stage, which will establish the processes for ECRM to write data to our new accounting software and membership database.

ECRM is a tool for managing constituents that support an organization (the Boy Scouts of America and local councils) through contributions. A constituent can be a person, organization, group, or household. The tool allows the user (BSA staff) to see life-time activity across campaigns on a constituent and will assist the user in developing a cultivation plan for that constituent. ECRM fundraising appeals, special events, communications, and marketing deal with constituent records that are established in the new software. All activities conducted leave a record in the constituent’s file so current and future users can see how a relationship has been built with a particular constituent.

Because ECRM will be populated through a conversion process with our ScoutNET database, it is important that Person and Organization records are accurate before conversion. To ensure success for your council during the conversion process, it is important that your Person records are as clean as possible.

There are steps you should take now to clean up your Person records. Every council has the ability to produce a “Duplicate Person Listing” in ScoutNET. This report is available in Membership Reports—Lists—Duplicate Person Listing. This report can be run as a whole, but sometimes it’s better to run it in small chunks. We recommend printing it one letter of the alphabet at a time. Under the tab called “Last Name Options,” you can run the list for “All” or you can run the list for “Selected.” Choose “Selected” and in the “Start Last Name” field put in “A.” In the “End Last Name” field, put in “AZ.” Do the same process for each letter of the alphabet. Some letters will create longer lists than others.

A good best practice is to assign staff members parts of the list and to have each person work on their part every day after lunch. We recommend working on 10 each day. In no time at all, the list will be done.

If you need assistance, please contact Don Day (, or John Kuehn ( with the Council Fund Development Team.

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