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BSA Foundation Case Statement for the Innovation Fund

The BSA Innovation Fund has been established as a donor-directed resource that will allocate project-specific grants to BSA councils for innovative programming in the following four areas:

  • Science technology, engineering, and math
  • Community relationships
  • High adventure
  • Developing youth leadership

The Innovation Fund will provide leadership and funding to develop meaningful and impactful changes to the BSA’s programs and facilities for the second century of Scouting. Using a grant application and review procedure, the Innovation Fund will allocate funding based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevancy to the four pillars of the Innovation Fund grant program—STEM initiative, community relationships, high adventure, and developing youth leadership
  • Partnerships established
  • Market/brand impact
  • Program satisfaction
  • Participation increase and/or retention

BSA Foundation Case Statement for Funding STEM in Scouting 

Contact the Foundation staff about customizing an approach for major STEM donor prospects in your council.

Giving Questions | Scouting Answers (2014 Updates)

This is one of our most popular donor-oriented publications. It covers many different types of planned gifts and giving opportunities for gifts large and small.

Major Gifts Recognition

Major Gifts Recognition program and application

Major Gifts Recognition order form

Confidential Record of Personal Financial Affairs

Lifetime Investor Recognition

Scouting now recognizes the long-term, cumulative giving of some of its most loyal donors. Lifetime Investor Awards are available at two levels:           

  • $500,000 to $999,999
  • $1 million or more

Two prerequisites qualify a donor for Lifetime Investor recognition:

  • A historical listing of the donor’s qualifying gifts: types of gifts, BSA recipients, and approximate dates of gifts
  • A current gift of either $100,000 (outright or pledged over five years) and an additional deferred gift commitment of $500,000

Lifetime Investor Award Form

James E. West Fellowship

Foundation Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report for the BSA National Foundation

2012 Annual Report for the BSA National Foundation

2011 Annual Report for the BSA National Foundation

2010 Annual Report for the BSA National Foundation