Advancement for Members With Special Needs

PLEASE NOTE: The Guide to Advancement has been updated for 2017.
The online version of this resource is being updated and will be available soon. In the meantime, refer to the PDF for the latest and most accurate information.
Download the Guide to Advancement 2017 here.

Youth with physical disabilities and youth and adults with developmental or cognitive challenges are welcome in the Boy Scouts of America. As outlined in this section, various accommodations exist to facilitate advancement. These youth do not need to join a special unit oriented to serving members with disabilities, although those exist and may be beneficial in some cases. The severity of disability will indicate how members should be registered. See “Registering Qualified Members Beyond Age of Eligibility,”

When knowledgeable parents or volunteers are able to provide assistance and oversight, most anyone can be a member. While leaders should be enthusiastic about helping those with special needs, they should also recognize the demands that will be placed on their patience, understanding, and skill in working on advancement.