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Florida Keys Adventure

The Florida Sea Base is constantly striving to design exciting programs that will fulfill all expectations of our visitors from north of the Keys. The Keys Adventure program is a good introduction to the Florida Keys, giving you a variety of activities.

You will arrive after 2:00pm on your scheduled day of arrival at The Brinton Environmental Center which is located on Summerland Key, 23.8 miles North of Key West. Initially, your Keys Adventure Mate will show you to your air-conditioned quarters, followed by a tour of the facility. Next up, it's into bathing suits and into the marina for your swim review. At this point, you will be issued a mask, fins, snorkel and a Sea Base dive bag that you will have for the week of your adventure. This will be followed by a snorkel instruction lesson so you are comfortable with your gear. If you have your own snorkeling equipment, you may prefer to bring it because masks and mouthpieces sometimes give you a better fit if they are your personal equipment. After dinner, your Keys Adventure Mate will discuss your itinerary for the upcoming week and then watch a slide show which describes those underwater creatures to both enjoy and avoid, as well as snapshots of some of the fun you will be having during the upcoming week.

While at the Brinton Center you will be housed in air-conditioned dormitories overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. There are hot showers and laundry facilities available. A portion of your stay will not be spent at the Center, but rather in tents and/or boats exploring the whole of the Keys.

Fishing is an integral part of your itinerary. One day, you will off-shore fish in a 25 foot Dusky powerboat which is supplied with heavy tackle for those big ones out deep and some lighter rods and reels for the smaller fish. Although we don't guarantee it, most crews are able to add some fresh fish or possibly lobster (in season) to their evening meals. Another day will be spent exploring the backcountry waters of the Florida Bay fishing for sharks and barracuda in a 24-foot Carolina Skiff. Your itinerary will also include a great deal of snorkeling and the opportunity to learn more about marine biology from a fish eye point-of-view. Of course, no trip to the Keys would be complete without a trip to Key West. It is a town that is rich in history and unique culture. You will eat lunch at the base and we can pack a picnic dinner for you, or you can choose to eat out and sample some of the local cuisine. Dinner prices range from $5.00 (fast food) and up. There are many unique restaurants, and of course, fresh seafood.


The Florida Sea Base is the first scouting facility in the world to be designated as a S.C.E.N.E. (Scouting Centers of Excellence for Nature and the Environment). In recognition of this, all participants in our programs will be eligible to earn a SCENE segment for their Sea Base participant patch at no cost. We are currently working on clearing a bicycle path, which stretches the length of Summerland Key.


Most of the items on the following "What to Bring List" are carried in our Ship's Store with the exception of shoes, socks, sleeping gear, and pads. Theoretically, the Florida Sea Base supplies everything that you would need for the adventure with the exception of a fishing license. $100 is adequate spending money unless you want to buy a lot of souvenirs.


Every participant in the Florida Sea Base High Adventure program needs to be physically fit for the strenuous demands that will be placed on their body. The Keys Adventure program is PHYSICALLY CHALLENGING. You will be in the water a great deal, so go swimming with your crew at your local pool often. Do some light exercises to increase your stamina. You will be frequently lifting your body in and out of the water to boats and docks. Make sure you can pass the B.S.A. swim test before you arrive at the Sea Base. Your swimming ability will be assessed upon your arrival to the Sea Base. You have dedicated a lot of your personal time and resources to come to Sea Base. Get the most out of your experience by being ready - physically and mentally.

All High Adventure Participants may not exceed the weight to height guidelines, which are listed in the Sea Base Class 3 medical. Participants who exceed their maximum weight to height ratio or exceed 300 pounds will not be allowed to participate in Sea Base high Adventure programs.


  • 1 Set Class A or B uniforms
  • Several T-shirts
  • Lightweight rain gear
  • Sunglasses with strap (Polarized are best)
  • 16 oz of Non-Oily sunscreen (SPF 30+)
  • 1-2 pairs of shorts
  • Pants, long-sleeve shirt & light jacket (December & Spring only)
  • Toiletry kit
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • 2 ñ 3 pair of Socks
  • Large-mouth water bottle with plastic clip, (If you like coffee, a mug in addition is good)
  • One sheet and warm blanket or a sleeping bag
  • Swim trunks (boys) One piece suit (girls)
  • 2 towels and a small pillow
  • Baby Powder (to cut down on chafing
  • Walking shoes (Key West day)
  • 1 pair of dive booties (for wading through water to/from island and for fins)
  • 1 pair flip-flop sandals (for island, but not for wading)
  • Florida Fishing License (if you are 16 or older)
  • Bug spray
  • Prescription Medication
  • Proof of age/photo ID
  • Copy of Medical Insurance information

Optional Items

  • Optional Items
  • Bug Spray
  • Sea Sickness Medicine
  • Light weight rain gear
  • Hawaiian style shirt (Luau)
  • Camera (waterproof if possible)
  • Personal snorkel gear
  • Extra money ($70-$100) (Crew photo - $5.50)

NOTE: Sea Base will supply fishing gear


Do not send mail. Sea Base offers programs to hundreds of Scouts on the sea, on the land, and on an island. We cannot deliver mail from home to Scouts unless it is mail of urgency, i.e. glasses, medicine, etc. left at home. In case of an extreme emergency, contact can be made with the following numbers: 305-664-4173 Days or 305-664-7766 Nights.


About SeaBase

Located in Islamorada and on Summerland Key in the beautiful Florida Keys, as well as Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas, the near shore reefs and crystal clear waters offer unparalleled opportunities for long term and short term programs year round. Our Conference facilities are utilized for youth and adult Scouting Conferences and non-Scouting groups when available.