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CubCast July 2016

Cubmaster 101

Has this happened to you? You enroll your son into the local Cub Scout pack. You volunteer to bring snacks to one meeting, then help with crafts the next, then you’re helping run the next meeting when all of a sudden, before you know it… you’re the Cubmaster! Welcome to Cubmaster 101. This familiar tale happened to Matt Janchar of Weston, Massachusetts. He’s been serving as Cubmaster of Pack 157 since 2013 and shares with us how, as a new Cubmaster, you can go from being overwhelmed to overjoyed. This particular podcast is a little longer than usual, but every minute is filled with valuable information.

ExploringCast July 2016

How to Use the Career Interest Survey

The Exploring program career interest survey helps pair high school students with the Explorer post that best serves their career interests to benefit both the student and your program’s recruitment efforts. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is once you know where to start and how to retrieve and use the survey data. Senior Exploring executive Richard Churn has become quite the expert at using this survey making it a win-win for both his council and the local high schools and he shares with us how you, too, can become an expert.

ScoutCast July 2016

Think the Jamboree Door is Closed? Here’s How to Open It

Has your son or anyone in your troop or crew signed up to go the 2017 National Jamboree yet? No? Why not? You already know what a great experience it will be for them and that they’ll make a ton of new friends, but maybe you all think it will be too financially or physically challenging. Maybe the jamboree is only for a privileged few, or maybe you think the door is closed because (gasp!) of the girls in your crew! Whatever the reason you think the jamboree door has been closed, corporate partnership manager Owen McCulloch tells us how to grab onto that door handle and open it wide.