Border Lakes Wilderness Fishing Tournament
August 25-29, 2014

Supporting Northern Tier National High Adventure Programs

With a sudden jerk you set the hook and instantly feel the spirit of a fish fighting in the depths below. Without warning, a smallmouth bass launches itself from the waters of Lac La Croix in a desperate series of acrobatic aerial leaps to shake itself free as you reel it in. Your Ojibwe guide calmly nets the “bronze-back,” measures it and tells you it’s a “twenty-inch trophy.” You catch gold-colored walleyes from tannin-stained waters, watch with admiring eyes as the Ojibwe guides prepare succulent fillets in cast iron skillets over a camp fire, and realize that nothing compares to eating fresh caught walleye surrounded by the pristine splendor of Canoe Country - all the time hoping you don’t have to loosen your belt a notch or two.

During this adventure, you visualize what it must be like for Scouts and Venturers to paddle through the waters of Canoe Country from the Northern Tier High Adventure Bases; you witness first-hand, the splendor of the wilderness; and comprehend just how rewarding the challenges can be that accompany such High Adventure. On your final day, you realize that you’ve experienced Northern Tier’s mission -

“Delivering Wilderness Adventures That Last A Lifetime.”


When: August 25-29, 2014

Where: Ely, MN then departing to Campbell’s Fishing Resort on Lac La Croix in ON, Canada.

Cost: $3,500 per angler, which includes:

•Lodging and Food in Ely
•Travel between Ely and Lac La Croix
•Guide Fees and Tips
•Fishing Licenses
•Tackle and
•Charitable contribution to Northern Tier

Campbell’s Lac La Croix Fishing Resort

Anglers will be testing their skill on the remote Lac La Croix. Campbell’s is securely nestled on the shores of a protected bay deep in the quiet solitude of Lac la Croix. The resort and trading post facilities are a complement to the greatness of the lake, for they, too, are of an outstanding quality. Though isolated, you’ll find the camp to be an “oasis” in this fishing paradise. Its facilities are ultra-modern, and you will find no finer resort on the border lakes.

Lac La Croix is one of the premier lakes in the region offering excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike, lake trout, smallmouth bass and crappies.

All of the guides will be experienced, capable Ojibwe Natives who are members of the Lac La Croix Guide Association. You will find their knowledge of the country and fishing most helpful.


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