Volume 3, Number 8

BSA Licensing Insider

August 2010, Vol. 3, No. 8


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Thomas Damascus to Introduce BSA® 100 th Anniversary Damascus Steel Pocketknife

Damascus And Kershaw

Thomas Damascus will introduce a limited number of officially licensed Boy Scouts of America® 100th Anniversary Pocketknives using a Kershaw handle and a Damascus steel knife blade. Damascus steel has been known for its strength, ability to hold an edge, and its ornamental beauty.

This Damascus pocketknife incorporates the BSA® 100th Anniversary logo on the handle and was designed by knife maker, Ken Onion and forged by master blacksmith, Rob Thomas.

Stay tuned for more information.

Latest Licensees

The BSA is pleased to announce the following new licensee below. For a complete listing of BSA licensees, please visit the Official BSA Licensing site.

  • Ouray Sportswear, of Englewood, California, custom caps and apparel.
  • Accurate Advertising, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, custom apparel.
  • Ashbury Images, of San Francisco, California, custom t-shirts.

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    Featured News

    Robert Kaufman Launches New BSA® Fabric Prints Featuring Csatari Illustrations


    New to the Robert Kaufman BSA® Fabric Collection are additional nostalgic fabric print designs featuring artistic elements from Joseph Csatari. New designs include boys of different ages taking part in the many activities that define the Scouting experience such as archery and fishing to hiking and camping.

    The second design features Csatari's "Eagle Court of Honor", "The New Spirit", "Prepared To Do A Good Turn", and "Character Counts" in each of the panels.

    All the fabrics are available in independent fabric stores across the U.S. For more information on where to purchase these fabrics, please visit robertkaufman.com.

    What's New

    Custom Back-to-School Binders Available at Zazzle.com


    Check out the new designs now available on zazzle.com. Zazzle offers the opportunity to personalize a variety of officially licensed items including new items for back-to-school. To learn how to order, go to: zazzle.com.



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