Selling Directly to All Local Councils

Local Council Supplier Licensee

A Local Council Supplier License is available to companies who are looking to sell products bearing the BSA trademarks to more than one BSA local council or BSA National Council Regions, Groups, Teams, Departments or Service Areas.  These types of products include:

  •  Camp and event T-shirts, caps or hats, and other related apparel

  •  Camp and event patches and emblems

  •  Fundraising gifts

  •  Promotional and recruiting items

BSA Requirements for Local Council Suppliers

  •  A minimum of one years’ experience in manufacturing and distribution of the product being proposed

  •  Three years’ prior experience in the product category and classification being proposed

A royalty waiver may be eligible when products are donated to a local council. Please complete the appropriate form and submit to the BSA for review when making such a request. Go here to download the form.