16th Annual National President’s Awards for Marketing Excellence


The National Council is accepting entries for the 16th Annual National President's Awards for Marketing Excellence. These awards recognize councils for their excellence in marketing and branding on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America.

Effective marketing can impact every aspect of a council's operations, from fundraising to recruiting. To emphasize the importance of marketing and to recognize the many outstanding marketing efforts produced by local councils, the National Council created the National President's Awards for Marketing Excellence.

Councils may enter in any of 10 categories:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Positive Public Relations
  • Finance Support Material
  • Friends of Scouting Brochure
  • Newsletter (Print or Electronic)
  • Collateral Material
  • Annual Report
  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multicultural Marketing

To be considered for an award, an entry must have been executed in the 2013 calendar year. Entries exhibiting brand standards set out by the National Council will be given preference. For a guide to brand standards, click here.


Marketing Campaign—This award recognizes councils for their efforts in promoting a one-time or annual event, be it related to recruiting, camp promotion, or other subject matter. A campaign may include the use of billboards, print advertisements, brochures, radio and television appearances, digital/social media, or other promotional materials.

Positive Public Relations—This award recognizes the best stories that appeared in print or broadcast media and reflected well on Scouting. Stories submitted must have been initiated by the local council or its volunteer personnel.

Finance Support Material—This award recognizes the most appealing and creative pieces associated with a finance campaign (excluding FOS brochures).

Friends of Scouting Brochure—This award recognizes excellence in design and creativity of FOS brochures.

Newsletter (Print or Electronic)—Newsletters are one of the most common ways councils communicate with their target audiences. This category recognizes newsletters that effectively communicate with target audiences and exhibit excellence in design and content.

Collateral Material—This award is given for the most creative and appealing communication piece (membership, fundraising, program, etc.). Collateral pieces can include, but are not limited to, brochures, fliers, mailers, and videos.

Annual Report—One of the most dynamic and competitive categories, this award recognizes outstanding efforts in the area of annual reports.

Website—This award recognizes innovative use of the Internet as a communication tool, while displaying usability and adhering to website guidelines set by the National Council.

Digital Marketing—This award recognizes council efforts to reach target audiences in the digital space. With a focus on digital and social campaigns (sustained efforts over time; not just a single post or email), this category recognizes those who have engaged audiences digitally.

Multicultural Marketing—This award is given to councils for the most creative and appealing marketing piece targeted at a multicultural community. This can include any material used to promote an event, recruit Scouts or volunteers, or conduct fundraising.

Judge's Choice This award is given to outstanding entries not otherwise recognized.


To be considered for an award, an entry must have been formulated and executed by your council or volunteer personnel during the 2013 calendar year. Entries exhibiting the brand standards set out by the National Council will be given preference.

Each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and a summary that includes the following information:

1. Objectives established for the marketing effort
2. Planning process involved in the effort
3. Impact and result of the marketing effort
4. What the council learned

Entries will be judged by marketing, advertising, and communication professionals. Each submission will be judged on a variety of criteria based on the category, including creativity, design, attention to brand standards, technical quality, professionalism, and how well the entry met its stated objectives.


Award winners will be recognized in BSA publications, online at www.scouting.org/marketing, and at the 2014 National Annual Meeting.

If you have questions regarding the National President's Awards for Marketing Excellence, please e-mail Karen Rash at karen.rash@scouting.org.


Entries will be accepted from noon (Central time) January 7, 2014, through noon (Central time) March 17, 2014.