Philmont Food Service Jobs

Philmont Scout Ranch has stepped away from contract food services and is now seeking cooks to serve our 27,000 summer participants. If you would like to work at Philmont as a cook, or you have someone in mind who may, please download a staff application.

All positions work on a 4 day on/3 days offschedule managed by Dining Hall Director.Schedules may change based upon need. Allpositions include room and board (housingand 3 meals per day) in addition to the salary.

Other benefits include clothing/uniformallowance, staff discounts at company retailstores, staff activities, internet access,workout facility, complimentary equipmentrental, backcountry access, and more.

Salary Level
Salary Range
(plus R&B)
Kitchen Manager Category IV $1555/mo
and up
Kitchen Asst. Manager Category III
Level 2
$1455/mo to
Lead Cook Category III
Level 1
$1390/mo to
Prep Cook Category II
Level 3
$1325/mo to
Swing Cook Category II
Level 3
$1325/mo to
Baker Category III
Level 3
$1390/mo to
Salad Prep Category I
Level 3
Utility Staff Category I
Level 1
$1060/mo to

Call: 575.376.2281

Food Service Operations

We operate four dining halls supported by two kitchens. Dining hall operations are located in “Base Camp”, and backcountry meals are served through other operations.

Kitchen Managers/Asst. Managers

Each kitchen has a manager and assistant managers responsible to the Dining Hall Director who are responsible for the kitchen staff management, menu management, food supply inventory ensuring optimal use and customer service experience. Must be 21+ age.

Lead Cooks and Prep Cooks

Manage food service operations within all health and safety rules, record food supply use, handle special food requests (diet, allergies, birthday cakes, etc.); Lead Cooks also provide staff leadership.

Swing Cooks

Responsible for grillworks, specialty bars (including deli bar), pack out meals, and specialty events.


Responsible to Dining Hall Kitchen Manager for preparation of bakery goods, fruit and salad bar. Responsible for baking rolls, breads, sweet rolls, and the preparation of desserts; when not needed for baking, help in other areas of food preparation.

Salad Prep/Utility Staff

Responsible for preparing food items under the direction of the Kitchen Management as well as serving and cleaning of kitchen and dining hall facilities.


About Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country.