Online Itinerary Registration

2013 Itinerary Selection and Arrival/Travel Information

The time is approaching for each crew to select an itinerary for their 2013 Philmont Trek. Materials will be available online and will also be mailed to you to help with the process. Please read this material carefully so that you will be aware of the steps involved and how the process works. We look forward to helping you accomplish this important task.

Selection of an itinerary is necessary before your arrival at Philmont. Prior to beginning the trek selection process you should fill out an Itinerary Selection Worksheet to ensure you have all the information necessary to complete the process. Incomplete registration information could prohibit you from selecting a trek in a timely fashion and may mean the treks you list as preferences are no longer available.

The Philmont Treks 2013 Itinerary Guide mailing has been mailed from Philmont. All of the information in the mailing is also available on the Philmont website.

The itinerary system has been tested and will work on every major browser EXCEPT Internet Explorer Version 10 (IE 10). Previous versions of Internet Explorer will work fine, and the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

Philmont emailed a passcode to your crew’s lead advisor or contingent leader on March 20th. This passcode will permit you to access the online itinerary selection system on the following dates.

Expedition # begins with Can Log in beginning
608 — 708 Wednesday, April 3rd
608 — 708 and 709 — 809 Thursday, April 4th

Registration for both days will open at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

How do you get ready?

  • After the Philmont Treks 2013 Itinerary Guide arrives, your Crew Leader should work with the crew members to determine the crew's five desired itinerary numbers in priority order.
  • Complete the Itinerary Selection Worksheet.
  • Be sure to have your Expedition Number, passcode, and the Itinerary Selection Worksheet ready when you access the online registration website. You should have obtained the passcode from the contact person or financial representative on file for your crew. Philmont allows up to 2 crews to register for any of the available 35 itineraries each day. This means that there are 70 itinerary spaces that 30-40 crews are competing for on any given day. You are in no way competing with the 2,200 crews that will visit Philmont this summer.

Arrival/Travel Information

You will have an opportunity to submit your arrival/travel information online as stated on the Itinerary Selection Worksheet. If you were unable to enter your arrival information at the time of selecting your itinerary, you may log back into the system after the information is determined and enter it. If you enter the arrival information online, do not mail the Arrival Plans card that is on the inside cover of the Philmont Treks 2013 Itinerary Guide. If you are not able to enter this information online, please mail the Arrival Plans card.


Contact Philmont Logistics at: 575-376-2281


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