Membership Plan Backdating and Execution

Council Membership/Relationship Chairman

Direct the work of the membership/relationships committee. Use monthly membership reports and Journey to Excellence council, district, and unit reports to identify priorities.

Recruit, train, and motivate Scouters to serve on the committee and help it to carry out its functions effectively.

Promote membership and unit growth in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing through the membership cycle, coordinating youth recruiting and new-unit organization. Plan and help districts carry out roundups, new-unit campaigns, and the other elements of the membership cycle.

Develop more effective communication with chartered organizations.

Cultivate community organizations, groups, and associations that might become chartered organizations or support the Scouting program in other ways.

Support the religious emblems program of chartered organizations.

Stimulate the use of the program by special youth populations (i.e., low-income, disabled, and ethnic young people, or those in sparsely populated rural areas).

Prepare short-, intermediate-, and long-range membership and unit objectives.

Give leadership to events such as relationships conferences or fireside chats with heads of chartered organizations.

Promote membership growth in all markets.