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Critter Race is a one-afternoon event for a Cub Scout pack to conduct and invite first- through fifth-graders from neighborhoods and nearby communities. This can be a family outing with fellowship and a big critter race. Bring your own critters and show how fast they go on the track. This event will create an opportunity to meet neighbors and make new friends.

  • District: Use this activity as a unit spring or summer activity for Scouts, prospective Scouts, and their families.
  • Units: Schedule this fun activity for Scouts, prospective Scouts, and their families.

Cub Scouts can do this activity as a great way to heighten community involvement and spread the word about Scouting in the area. It is a one-afternoon event. The day can start with checking in and registering critters. Have some refreshment, the big critters race, check out Cub Scout pack exhibits, and find out how to sign up for Cub Scouting. The main purpose of this event is to attract and recruit more families into Scouting.

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