Craft Fair

Districts and Packs

Event description

Craft Fair is a one-day recruiting event for districts and packs to conduct and invite their communities or neighborhoods. First-through fifth-graders are invited to attend this family activity and make craft projects such as pinewood derby cars, a rain gutter regatta, and bread boxes. This event will create an opportunity to meet neighbors and make friends.

  • District: Use this activity as a unit spring or summer activity for new Scouts.
  • Packs: Schedule this fun activity for Scouts, prospective Scouts, and their families.

This is a great way to heighten community involvement and inform the community about Scouting in the area. The day can start out with a flag ceremony, then the building of either the cars or boats or bird house, then have a lunch break. In the afternoon, if the cars or boats are built, there can be a competition. The main purpose of this event is to attract and recruit more families into Scouting.

Cub Scout Pins:
Webelos Activity Badges:
Artist, Craftsman

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