New Unit Development

NEW! Chartered Organizations Resource Guide, 522-925

Unit Performance Guide (Volume 3, First Edition, 2014)  
The Unit Performance Guide is the approved BSA best method strategy for creating and sustaining high-performing units for local councils. This book provides extensive new-unit resources for volunteers and professionals and covers the following topics: Know the Market, Make the Call, Build the Team, and Grow the Unit.

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The Together Plan, No. 522-990 Download

NEW! Strengthening Your Organization Through Scouting: New-Unit Sales Kit

This New-Unit Sales Kit called “Strengthening Your Organization Through Scouting” has been redeveloped for use by local councils to focus specifically on making a visit to a prospective chartered organization. National BSA volunteer-driven, professionally guided task forces met to discuss and review suggestions and best methods to be added to the new-unit kit. This new design promotes Scouting’s positive impact in the community and provides professionals and volunteers the opportunity to customize it to meet the needs of an individual chartered organization.

Recommended Materials to Include in New-Unit Presentation Kit

NEW! New Unit Planning Resources Worksheet Download

Membership Department Research Website Links

The Values of Americans, No. 02-849 Download | Available at NDC
This brochure for parents presents the findings of the landmark 1995 Louis Harris & Associates study, which showed that Scouting experience has a positive effect on values and achievement.

A Year in the Life of a Scout, No. 02-344 Download Spanish
This Spanish-language brochure explains the different age-appropriate programs and activities in Scouting.

Harris Outcome Summary, No. 02-478 Download Spanish | Available at NDC
This Spanish-language brochure highlights the findings of the 1995 Louis Harris & Associates study and why adults can make a difference in the boy's life.

Volunteer Outcome Study, No. 02-659 Download Spanish | Available at NDC
This Spanish-language brochure presents the findings of the landmark 1995 Louis Harris & Associates study, about the benefits and positive impact that volunteers experience when they become part of Scouting.

Your Organization and Scouting (bilingual), No. 94-003 Download
This bilingual promotional brochure demonstrates to organizations that serve the Hispanic community how Scouting is a viable resource program for addressing community needs and concerns.

Soccer and Scouting in Your Organization (bilingual), No.13-597A Download | Available at NDC
BSA has developed Soccer and Scouting program as an outreach for Hispanic/Latino youth and their families, but it is not limited to them.

Cub Scouting

Message of Cub Scouting, No. 521-032. Download | Available at NDC
Is geared toward potential chartered organizations and provides guidelines for starting a new Cub Scout pack.

Selecting Quality Leaders for Cub Scouts, No. 523-500. Download | Available at NDC
Provides information on selecting a leader for a new Cub Scout pack.
Spanish Edition, 521-041 Download

Pack Organization Chart, Download English | Download Spanish (No. 521-033) | Available at NDC
Lays out the flow chart of a pack and what the leaders' responsibilities entail.

Cub Scout Character Development, Downlad English | Download Spanish (No. 521-036) | Available at NDC
Lists and defines the 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting.

Boy Scouting

Selecting Quality Leaders for Boy Scouts, No. 523-981. Download | Available at NDC
Describes the steps necessary to recruit a key adult unit leader.
Spanish Edition, 521-039 Download

Building Blocks of Scouting, Download English | Download Spanish (No. 521-038) | Available at NDC
Explains our relationship with community organizations, as well as Scouting values, character development, outdoor program, advancement program, self-growth, and the patrol method.


Venturing Resources for Religious Organizations (bilingual), No. 25-250 Download
This bilingual brochure is a valuable tool for religious organizations that wish to incorporate Venturing into their religious youth group.