Education Relationships

The Education Relationships Task Force focuses on several objectives, including helping Scouting to be seen as the leading youth development organization by all levels of education, communicating the value of Scouting to national and regional educational organizations that could influence the chartering of new Scouting units, and identifying ways to cooperate with and better serve all levels of education so as to serve more youth, including but not limited to those in elementary, secondary, college, special needs, private, charter, homeschool, rural, and after-school programs.

Scouting relies heavily upon outstanding relationships with parents, and with private and public educational organizations, given the common objectives of educating and developing America’s youth.

Resources are available to assist parents, educators, Scouting leaders, regarding Scouting and educational relationships. Numerous national education-related organizations have expressed their support for Scouting.

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Resources for Educators

Resources for Scouters and Professionals

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