NextConnect '14 : The National Marketing Summits

Marketing the Scouting experience to busy moms and families.

Dallas – August 7-8, 2014
Chicago – August 11-12, 2014

About the Conference

With new BSA research and strategic insights at play, it has never been more critical that we reach out to families in innovative ways. Making connections—that "next connection"—was the focus at NextConnect '14.

The conference highlighted:

  • The Authenticity Gap research study and Voice of the Scout consumer insight data
  • The BSA's new Build an Adventure strategic marketing platform and campaign materials
  • The importance of experience-oriented Scouting
  • The need to reach Millennial parents through social/digital channels
  • New ways to help make "the ask" through experiential marketing

Presentation Materials

Delivering customer experiences. 
Gary Butler and Stephen Medlicott

Review of BSA's marketing strategy and resulting 2015 "Build an Adventure" campaign.
Michael Ramsey (Chicago) / Tom Rugh (Dallas)

Voice of the Scout: Using "satisfaction data" to improve the Scouting experience.
Cammy LoRe (Chicago) / Howard Olsen (Dallas)

The busy lives of moms. Understanding the world of our key target audience.
Kelley Skoloda (Chicago) / Stephanie Shaw (Dallas)

Activating "influencer parents" in the digital/social space.
Cooper Munroe

Reaching millennial parents.
Stephen Medlicott