BSA Contingent Support

With more than 160 member organizations within the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), there are many international Scouting events each year. They provide a great opportunity for our BSA members to connect with the world, to learn about other countries, people, and cultures through Scouting activities, and make new friendships as part of their Scouting adventure.

In the past, the International Department has performed the coordination and planning of BSA contingents to some of these events. For the most part, these contingents were very similar to your own units’ planning and participation for adventures. 

The International Department is in the process of updating our process to support BSA members interested in attending international Scouting events, but will no longer act as the coordinator and planner of participation at these events.

An important part of the change in our process will be the elimination of the current BSA Contingent Nomination process and the addition of the BSA Contingent Leader Nomination process.

Please watch this Web page for updates to the process expected to be released in the first quarter of 2016.

BSA members who are interested in learning about upcoming international Scouting events should use the WOSM resources below:

  • In the International Events List, you can find information about camps and other Scouting events taking place around the world where Scouts from other countries are invited to attend.
  • Also, view the WOSM events page.

Upcoming International Scouting Events Requiring BSA Contingent Support

  • 15th World Scout Moot, July 25–August 2, 2017, Iceland

Upcoming Regional Events

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Earthquake statement—Spanish
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