For the Scouting Parent

When your child joins the Boy Scouts of America, Scouting becomes more than a club or activity in your child’s life; it becomes an extension of your family. Scouting models your values and participates in the overall care and well-being of your child while working with you to let you manage your family's time and other activities. Beyond the fun and excitement of the Scouting life, there is a deep character building purpose built into everything they experience; the ultimate goal of Scouting is to help youth develop into good citizens who are confident in their character and able to make sound ethical choices.

Youth experience dramatic physical and emotional changes as they grow up and Scouting offers them opportunities to channel their energy in productive and healthy ways. Through service projects, Scouts discover their place in the community, and through outdoor adventures, Scouts can develop and test their personal limits. As your child builds personal morals through Scouting, they gain a valuable defense against the peer pressure that all youth are challenged with when growing up. The skills and values your child learns through Scouting create life long tools that can be applied to non- Scouting activities throughout their life.

You've taken your first step along the Scouting trail that connects your child and your family to millions of other Scouts across the nation and around the world!