Instructions for Creating Advanced Power Pivot Table Reports from Commissioner Tools Reports

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Power Pivot Tables

Detailed Explanation of the Power Pivot Table Reports

Step 1: Run Commissioner Tools report.
Step 2: Download CSV file.
Step 3: Open tool (.xlsx) and load the CSV file.
Step 4: Analysis reports ready to print or PDF.


Step 1 and 2

Step 3

Step 4

Power Pivot Table Name

Required Commissioner Tools CSV report file (your raw data)

Power Pivot Table spreadsheet
(Analysis Tool)

Sample Output

Unit Contact Analysis


District Contact Stats Analysis Tool Unit Contact Analysis

Unit Health Analysis


Unit Health Assessment Tool Unit Health Analysis

Commissioner Contact Analysis


Commissioner Contact Analysis Commissioner Contact Analysis

Roundtable Analysis


Roundtable Assessment Tool Roundtable Analysis
Units Needing Attention Unit_Health_201x.csv
Units_Needing_Attention_Tool.xls Units_Needing_Attention_sample.pdf
Merge Tools Multiple Unit_Health_201x.csv or District_Contact_Stats_201x.csv files Merge_UH_v2017-1.xlsm
Using the Merge Tools.pdf
District Commissioner Visual Analysis
District Commissioner Visual Analysis Tool  
Visual Reports