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This "generic" Grant Impact Report may be used for any grants not listed on this page.

Potterfield Grants for Shooting Sports

The primary focus of the Potterfield Grants for Shooting Sports is to help young people gain more experience, confidence, and expertise in gun safety and shooting sports.  The specific goals of the Potterfield Grants are to: a) significantly increase the number of shooting-related merit badges and achievements by youth members; and b) significantly increase the number of shooting experiences for councils' total available youth.

Note: The Potterfield Grant program is different from the National Shooting Sports Foundation grants, also offered by the BSA.  For more information on this program, please visit http://www.nssf.org/bsagrant/.

A revised application and guidelines will be posted soon.

GOAL ZERO Conservation and Sustainability

In general, the focus of the GOAL ZERO Grants is to support development of Scouting projects and initiatives related to Conservation and Sustainability — to find and fund innovative and practical ways to expand Scouting's century-old commitment to these important principles, and increase their relevance to Scouts and their communities. 

Approximately $125,000 in grants will be awarded from the fund in 2014.  We anticipate distributing 10 grants; maximum grant size is $25,000.  Grants are one-year grants; we do not currently fund multiyear proposals.  However, since we anticipate grants to be available annually, recipients may apply for additional grants in subsequent years.

Helpful Information for Local Councils

Foundation Grants Now Available for Hard-to-Serve Areas of Local Councils

Coin grants continue to be available to help fund the extension of Scouting in hard-to-serve areas. Proposals and requests may be made through your appropriate regional director. Please contact your regional office for more information.