CubCast and ScoutCast

CubCast May 2016

Lions: The New Pilot Program

Have you heard? The Cub Scouting program has a new pilot available. Mark Logemann, director of membership growth at the National Service Center, sat down with us to share all the particulars of this new pilot called Lions, designed for kindergarten-age boys, including how it fits with the rest of the Cub Scouting program. So now we have Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh, my! (Come on, you knew that was coming.)

ScoutCast May 2016

How the Exploring Program Can Support Your Troop

You may have read the title of this episode and thought, “Did I read this right? Exploring can support my Boy Scout troop?” Well, it’s true! Joining us as we explore the many different ways the Exploring program can offer support to your Scouts is senior Exploring specialist Kristen Falatko and Boy Scout program specialist Garfield Murden. We were surprised by what they shared with us and we bet you will be, too.