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CubCast April 2017

Tell Us More About Wood Badge

@cubcast follower Joe@bosshoss1031 sent us this tweet: I would like to hear about Wood Badge. I hear it's a great course, but what is the course? Well, Joe, we had a chat with Wood Badge expert Mark Nelson, who shares with us everything (the who, what, when, where, and why) you need to know about this advanced leadership training course. We bet you’ll be registered for a course before the show is over.

ExploringCast April 2017

One Big Happy Family

Would you like to know a secret? The Exploring program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America. Amy Wiernik, Exploring Executive with the Bay-Lakes Council in Appleton, Wisconsin, contacted ExploringCast to suggest that it shouldn’t be a secret and that we have an episode on how your Exploring program can work with traditional BSA districts and units in your area.

She also had some pretty good ideas on how to make this happen, so we invited her on the show to share with the rest of the Exploring community some really good ways of working with other BSA programs and the benefits of doing so.

ScoutCast April 2017

Building the Budget

OK, listeners, let’s talk budgets. Sure, the best things in life are free, but everything else costs money and practically every entity runs on a budget: the government, businesses, households. Even your troop needs to budget for all those fun activities and trips. We checked in with a few Scoutmasters who told us that sometimes, they just let the Troop Committee handle the budget because it can be a bit overwhelming. So we got some help on that for you. Charlie Garwood, who joined us in September to talk about working with the troop committee, has come back to ScoutCast to show us how your troop or crew can plan the budget.