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CubCast August 2016

Fulfilling the Promise - Life After the First Nighter

So, Cub Scout leaders, you’re probably getting ready for your big Rally Night or First-Nighter with balloons and props and the list of all the new and exciting adventures the boys will have, like fishing and camping and learning to use a bow and arrow. The boys are very excited and eager to start these new adventures! Then, you’ll awake the next morning to realize …. I’ve got to get these boys fishing and camping and teach them how to use a bow and arrow.  Join us as unit commissioner John Erickson shares his secret to keeping those promises.  Spoiler alert – Aaron Derr was surprised to learn he had actually just completed one of the tips.

ExploringCast August 2016

Program Planning for Posts and Clubs

Guest speakers, hands-on activities, field trips -the list of all the things your Explorer club or post should be doing seems endless. However, getting everyone together to plan the Exploring year makes everything that much easier. But how do you get everyone gathered to put together an Exploring program calendar, and who is “everyone”? Click the Download button to find out as Ruthe Holmberg of the Lincoln Heritage council explains program planning for clubs and Tiffanie Rupperight, of the Black Swamp Area Council discusses program planning for posts.

ScoutCast August 2016

The Kodiak Challenge – It’s Not Just for Venturers

As Scout leaders, you all know how important advanced leadership training is. We’ve got NYLT and NAYLE and Kodiak. That’s right – we said Kodiak. Oh sure, a few years ago the Kodiak Trek may have been just for Venturers, but now – Kodiak is open to all Scouters!  , Peter Self, who served as national staff advisor to the Kodiak syllabus shares with us why you should implement the Kodiak Challenge into your troop’s advanced leadership training and how to make it happen.