BSA Trademarks in Third-Party Product Names and Materials

Third parties as a part of their company, product, service, domain or trade names may not use the BSA Trademarks, without an expressed written agreement permitting such use. Third parties may not use BSA Trademarks in the manufacture or distribution of a product, or in a commercial manner to directly or indirectly sell a product or service.  Licensees must consult their agreement with BSA to determine whether and under what circumstances such use of BSA Trademarks is authorized.

In some instances, the BSA Trademarks may be used in the titles of books, in printed or eBook format, that provide relevant and accurate information specific to supporting the programs of BSA, and beyond that which is available from the BSA, such reference material. Publishers of such books need not obtain express permission from the BSA if the use of BSA Trademarks complies with all of the following requirements:

  •  The BSA Trademarks do not appear larger or more prominent than the rest of the full book title;

  •  The BSA Trademarks are not used in a logo or stylized form used by the BSA. The BSA taglines, mottoes or phrases may not be used under any circumstances, and no BSA insignia may be used on your book’s cover, advertising, promotional material, or otherwise, without express written permission from an authorized representative of the BSA;

  •  Proper form, marking and attribution is used for all BSA Trademarks. You may not shorten or abbreviate any of the BSA’s trademarks. Always spell and capitalize the BSA’s trademarks exactly as they appear in the Language of Scouting online at;

  •  Appropriate statutory marks should accompany the BSA’s Trademarks and be attributed in alphabetical order on the copyright page attribution (see next bullet point). For a list of the BSA’s most common Trademarks, visit:, select “Protecting the Brand” and choose “Boy Scouts of America Trademark Listing” from the left column;

  •  A conspicuous disclaimer is used, preferably on the front or back cover of the book, but at minimum must appear on the copyright page of the book and state in all capital letters: “BOOK NAME” IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.  THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ENDORSED OR SPONSORED BY THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. [INSERT TRADEMARK(S) USED] ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA,” and;

  •  There is nothing else in the use of the BSA Trademarks or in the circumstances that would lead consumers to believe there is an association with, or endorsement by, BSA that does not exist, and the BSA Trademarks are used only to refer to the BSA programs that are the subject of the book.