QR Codes

Communication Services is working with our clients on a variety of projects to leverage the advantages of using QR codes in print. See examples below and what our clients are saying about them. Feel free to click on the link or the thumbnail image for each, print them out, and scan the codes for yourself. (You can even scan the codes directly from your computer screen.) You can download a QR code scanner to your smartphone at scan.mobi.

Membership Impact Resources 

Membership Impact Resources

This flier, published for the National Annual Meeting, connected readers to new publications, the BeAScout website, and other resources in the Membership Impact section of scouting.org in direct support of new-unit creation and retention initiatives.

From our clients:


"It's great to be on the cutting edge of technology. This communications tool has provided instant access to critical materials that our professionals and volunteers in the field need on a more timely basis and in an easily accessible format …"

Matt Budz, team leader, Community Alliances


"Both volunteers and staff really appreciated the cutting-edge technology …"

Marty Walsh, department manager, Membership Impact 

54th JOTA Flier for Scout Leaders

54th Jamboree-on-the-Air Information Flier for Scout Leaders

This informational flier announced the upcoming Jamboree-on-the-Air and connected readers to the official Scouting website for the event. The website has everything Scout leaders will need to put together local participation in this major event.

From our client:


"We used these fliers at two major amateur radio conventions, and they worked well in first getting brief fact sheets into the audience's hands and then generating Web visits via the QR code scans. The QR codes were also an indicator to this tech-savvy audience that the Boy Scouts gets it!"

Jim Wilson, department manager, Communication Services

Welcome to Scouting Postcard

Welcome to Scouting Postcard - English

Welcome to Scouting Postcard - Spanish

This postcard is being printed for use in a 2011 recruitment campaign and will connect readers to both the English and Spanish versions of BeAScout.org, getting them immediately involved in the Scouting experience.

From our client:


"The QR code has helped us to provide instant access to many great Scouting resources and tools for our newest parents and leaders, enabling them to get started at moment they are ready. Fast is no longer good enough, instant information is what everyone wants and a QR code is a fun and easy way to fulfill this need at anytime from any device"

Ron Timmons, senior program specialist, Program Impact

Brand Identity Pocket Guide

Brand Identity Pocket Guide

This pocket guide will include a QR code link to all the resources in the online Marketing Toolbox, a one-stop shop for all things brand online.

From our client:


"By including a QR code in the recently revamped BSA Brand Identity Pocket Guide, the reader can access key brand elements in the guide while having the flexibility to view more detailed guidelines at their convenience online on the Marketing Toolbox. Ultimately, the code helps Marketing provide more to users with less printing while remaining as 'green' as possible."

Karen Thompson, strategic brand manager