There are plans to have the Join-in-Jamboree program for youth around the world. The JIJ program will be aimed not only at Scouts but also at non-Scout youth so that all youth who are not able to participate in the jamboree can benefit from the program.

2015 Contingent Patch

Welcome the World Project

The Scout Association of Japan has started a project to build new friendships for Scouts through Scouting. The Welcome the World Project creates ties between our Scouts and local Scout groups in Japan. They may communicate on the Internet or exchange letters, launch a project together, or visit one another.

Peace Program

A one-day, off-site program to Hiroshima will provide an opportunity for all participants to learn from the events of 1945. Participants will visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, including the museum.

Global Development Village

The Global Development Village will be an on-site module program to raise awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights, and health among participants. As the jamboree will be held in Japan, GDV will focus on disaster mitigation. The GDV program will distribute pre-event materials, as well as being part of the Join-in-Jamboree program.

Exploring Nature

This full-day module program will foster better understanding of the surrounding nature and bring appreciation for the environment. This program will be held in Yamaguchi City.

Cross Road of Culture

This activity will promote the exchange of and respect for different cultures. It will also incorporate a program aimed at deepening the cultural understanding of Japan from traditional culture to pop culture among the participants.

City of Science

City of Science will be a one-day program in Kirara-hama. It will deepen the understanding of advances in science and technology, and the benefits and problems associated with science. This program provides a venue for learning about the development of fuel cells and other energy sources for the future, ecological problems, and robotics and automotive technologies.

Water Activities

Water activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, rafting, and fishing will be carried out on lakes, rivers, or the nearby coast.

2015 Contingent Patch

Special Projects

As 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of cities in Japan, there is a possibility that representative Scouts—possibly one from each Scouting organization—will attend the peace memorial ceremony in Hiroshima.

Community Service

There will be a day for community service. This program includes practical implementation of a reaching-out strategy in the local community. Participants will be able to experience Japan by working with local residents.

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