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CubCast August 2017

Handling Temper Tantrums In The Den/Pack

It’s one thing to figure out what to do when your own child is having a temper tantrum and being disruptive, but what if one of the other Cub Scouts is having that tantrum? We know you have this question because real-life Cub Scout Leaders and CubCast hosts Amy and Aaron have come across this situation. So, we reached out all the way to Sweden to chat with Tina Wiman, the author of the book Sulky, Rowdy, Rude?: Why Kids Really Act Out and What to Do About It. Such an interesting discussion … you should join us!

ExploringCast August 2017

How to Market and Promote Your Explorer Post

Your Exploring Executive was able identify potential Explorers through the Career Interest Survey, but what about you - the Exploring Advisor? How can you get more participants in your post? While recruiting youth for your Exploring program is generally a coordinated effort that takes place once a year, positive publicity for your Exploring program should be ongoing.
To help us with marketing and promoting this fabulous youth program we call Exploring is Wes Weems, a District Director with Three Fires Council who ensures that Exploring gets the same amount of time and attention toward growth and quality program as any other Scouting program within the council.

ScoutCast August 2017

Boy Scouting e-Training

So, you’re a new Scouting volunteer. Thanks for joining us! You’re probably wondering right about now what you’ve got yourself into. But relax – this month’s episode is all about what is probably the best advice you’re ever going to get in Scouting and that is: Always ask who snores before picking a tent mate. No, wait! The best advice is actually TAKE. THE. TRAINING.
Just click the Download button as Dan Maxfield, who served on the task force that created these online training courses, explains how the new online training modules will enable you to know exactly what to do and where resources can be found.