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CubCast July 2017

Cub Scouts and Outdoor Ethics

The principles and concepts of outdoor ethics are not just for the campsite. They should apply to school grounds, parking lots, even your own backyard. So, how do you explain this to your group of 7- to- 10-year-old boys? Hosts Amy and Aaron share their dens’ experiences as they chat with Dennis Kampa, the National Camping School Task Force Chair and author of the BALOO Training as he shares his words of outdoor wisdom.

ExploringCast July 2017

Program Preview

Program Previews are a lot like Scouting’s Roundtables. Deanna Heisler, Exploring Executive for the Las Vegas Area Council, chats with us about who’s in charge, where it’s held and who all should attend. Spoiler Alert: Deanna reveals a surprise proposed attendee that made even host, Kristen Falatako, exclaim, “Wow, really?!”

ScoutCast July 2017

Cultivating Volunteers

Do you remember the episode on Succession Planning we did back in January? We talked about looking within your unit for that special person who might someday take your place. Well, this month we take it a step further by looking for volunteers who are needed right now and explaining where you can find them outside your unit. Helping us in this search for volunteers is Shooting Sports Instructor and ScoutCast veteran Bill Adams, from the Southern Shores Field Service office in Hartland, Michigan. We’ll discuss the surprising places you can find potential volunteers to fill positions at the unit, district and even council level.