Introducing Cub Scouting’s New Delivery Method

Written by Mark Ray, freelance writer and former youth-serving executive

This year, Cub Scouting is undergoing its biggest revision since the introduction of the two-year Webelos program. Beginning in the fall, dens and packs will use a new piloted and proven method of delivering the existing Cub Scout program, a method that is handbook-based and that focuses on den activities leading to youth advancement and higher retention.

To smooth the transition to the new delivery method (formerly known as Cub Scouts 2010), the BSA has released a wealth of new and revised resources, updated training courses, and a comprehensive Web site that explains everything volunteers and professionals need to know.


Three essential publications—the Cub Scout Leader Book (No. 33221), the Webelos Leader Guide (No. 33853), and the Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide (No. 32355)—have been revised to reflect the new delivery method. There’s also a new resource: the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide (No. 32354).

The Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide, which replaces Cub Scout Program Helps, is the key resource for the new delivery method. It will be available in three forms: as a printed book through and local Scout shops, as a downloadable e-book through (beginning on June 1), and as individual den and pack meeting plans—downloadable for free—at (Program helps will no longer appear in Scouting magazine.)


Leader Position-Specific Training (No. 34875) has been revised to reflect the new delivery method, and online Fast Start training for den leaders, Cubmasters, and committee members has been updated. Effective June 1, leaders will also be able to complete updated position-specific training online.

Volunteers and professionals can also participate in special webinars that discuss the new delivery method. More than 45 webinars were offered during May, and a new series will be conducted in late summer as the program year begins to ramp up. Times and dates for these webinars will be communicated in June via Demand-Based Communications and will be posted at

Web Site

The new delivery method gives the BSA the chance to make a great program even greater. You can help smooth the transition by learning more about the new delivery method and sharing your knowledge with your volunteers.

The hub for information about the new delivery method is Visitors will find the content from the webinars, answers to frequently asked questions, presentations, orientation brochures, links to downloadable den and pack meeting plans, and more. Please remember to visit the site often and share it with others as the one place for the latest information.

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